10 thoughts on “Todd Carter: January 2023 Clips

  1. Cross neanderthal , whiplashes BOTH ways , those smooth forward rope death trucks , that spicy stubble duck exit , outta that double footed back roll , one handed……..AND riding to Expose ……yeah , Carter always slamz it down WITH smooth style in his riding , hell yeessss, Todd !

      • couldn’t agree with that sentiment any more, I wish we had more people like Rodney not just in the flatland scence but the World in general, nothing but positivity & inspiration!!!

        • Thank you , Marley . I appreciate the love , man ! I feel the same about you , also . Especially after getting to know more about you as a person while we all took that loooong pedal back from the pre–jam session spot all the way back to the hotel . Just listening to your story , how you look at life , riding , etc….it really gave me alot more to admire about you………ALONG with of course all your high speed , clean rolling tricks . ( something that I envy about your riding , in a GOOD way , ha ! ) You’re truly another staple and leader in the Floridian BMX scene . Contributing your riding , contests , jam , M.C.ing AND D.J.ing…SALUD to ya Mr. Marley !

  2. Love it. Some riders are just so smooth, and you sir are one of them. Lord willing, I will turn 51 in May and riders like you keep me motivated.

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