Jody Temple BMX Banter Podcast

Photo: Denver Llewellyn.

Have you come across the BMX Banter Podcast? Hosted by the Duke, Jon Dowker and Anthony Berardi…this episode they catch up with Jody Temple.

Did you enjoy Jody’s Unscripted part I posted the other day? Well it’s time to get to know the man who’s had so many great video parts over the years.

Link below:

One thought on “Jody Temple BMX Banter Podcast

  1. Hell YEESSSS , gonna be a good listen ! I came close to staying in Athens, Atlanta for 4 months or longer . March 24 1999. I caught a flight to Atlanta , was at the airport for 3 hours BUT….had to fly right back to San Antonio. LOL …..however on the 27th… I went to a contest in Austin ,somehow won it and met Art , Terry , Mickey , Obrien , Duckworth , Troy ,etc ….all of em that same day ! I do wish I could of stayed and rode with Jody though , ha…at least I got to session , meet him @ 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam !

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