Red Bull Circle of Balance Practice Footage

I had some leftover, unseen footage from some of the Red Bull Circle of Balance practice sessions in New Orleans featuring Yu Katagiri, Toon Pakphum, Terry Adams, Lee Musselwhite, Kio Hayakawa, Mickey Gaidos, and Matt Wilhelm. Enjoy!

One thought on “Red Bull Circle of Balance Practice Footage

  1. As someone who loves watching practice footage just as much as finalized edits of contest highlights….I’ve watched 9- plus hours of Flatland Voodoo Jam , Grand Prarie, Texas X-trials , Texas Flatland Round Up , Dunamis Elevation , and lots of other contests that I have on video. Even watched the ENTIRE Dorkin in York box set …..allof these things I’ve watched in ONE sitting , ha…so I’m VERY appreciative of this never seen C.O.B. practice footage ! Thank you , Big-E ! You’re really slamming it down with all this content lately . As you have been since 2008 ! Sick riding by everyone in this ….

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