2 thoughts on “Joe Cicman, FrogBarz, & Universal Synchronicities: MooreBMX 035

  1. Cicman’s Terra Doom move in a upcoming documentary edit ?! I’m sold . That’s one seriously wild / burly trick . Him going for it relentlessly during his runs ,in the last two contests this year ….THAT rules. Basically his Terra Doom move is like that 7 foot tall beast that the Immortals had , that was chained / confined…….until they needed to unleash him , ha. ( the movie 300. ) If Joe gets that trick in a contest . First place , zero argument , debate . ( It’s a NO handed rolling transition / jump ,front to back wheel ! ) This was a dope conversation . Joe rules and I appreciate Brant Moore for hooking this up . Thank you , Big-E for posting !

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