Julien Baran – Welcome to Les Trois Roux

At 12 years years old, Julien Baran is already making his mark on the flatland world by winning the AM class at BMX Cologne, followed by this sweet Welcome to Les Trois Roux edit, a local bike shop over in Caen, France just across the water from FM HQ ironically. This kid has the skills and you should pay attention to this one. Great stuff Julien!

5 thoughts on “Julien Baran – Welcome to Les Trois Roux

  1. Whatever is thought about the riding in these edits, we’re seeing the present and will see what’s to come. I’m proud of these youngins and hope they really progress, be as original as possible to take it forward.

  2. This kid has a bright future in flatland if he keeps it up! Already some hard tricks, curious to see where flat will lead him.

    • During the pro warm up, I went to toilet and noticed Julian was riding on the grass outside the arena, this kid loves to ride. Brought a smile to my face, I think this kid can really make it if he sticks at it and works hard.

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