7 thoughts on “Jumpei Goto: King of Ground Nagoya 2013

  1. Been watching ALOT of this dudes riding lately . Thanks , Valnce and THIS site for the 411 on him ! Hes a rider whose apparently BEEN SLLLAAAMMMING the game , and after a lil combing of the net ……Im thrilled to watch every /any video with him in it , laying down some of the most SMOOOOOOOTH , FLOWIING , CONTROLLED links out there today …..WITH moves like turbined Messiahs an side packers thrown in his mix . His lines are always long , with an EFFORTLESS rolling style that really reminds me of that Andrew Arroyo video section from Dope Ammo , circa early 1992 ! Andrew riding to that very slow , trance like , trippy, industrial type song , that went VERY well with the rolling lines he was busting out ! Jumpei also has that X-LEG technique down , too ……….yup , such a rad rider . Like Big-E stated……..that FIRST line in this K.O.G. run from 2013 ……WOW……….TIMES 7 !!

  2. Always STOKED to come back to this 2013 , K.O.G. contest run of Jumpei Ishr Goto ! Yup , first line was some smoooooooth operating poetry in motion . I’d be thrilled to see even more of his riding these days….

  3. Always coming back to watch this. Smooooooth , flowing long line from Jumpei . ( viva LONG combos ! ) Looks like he tried to link up his entire run , just freestyling with it . Loving that ! Hope to see some more long lines from him……….and ANY other rider for that matter , ha…

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