Denes Katona: 2020 April warm up

Denes Katona 2020 April warm up from Denes Katona on Vimeo.

According to Denes, “nothing special” but watching his tricktionary in this April 2020 edit is really awesome to see. And the control on the multiple whiplashes one kick pinky to backwards whiplashes around the three minute mark is on point. Great to see this Denes footage!

4 thoughts on “Denes Katona: 2020 April warm up

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA , WARM UP , eh ?! Hiker X-LEG pivot , to BACKWARDS back packer , pivoting BACK to hiker , switch hand steam flip to FRAME stance tomahawk , Jaffa whips , NO handed blenders !!! WARM UP ??!! Denes is waaaaaaaay too skilled on his bike , TIMES 7 ……WARM UP , huh ??! I swear his Rolling Stone video is one of the most intense , high level , straight up crazy combos video…. to ever be dropped online ! I had to watch it in small doses ….I don’t think Ive EVER seen this cat do , like a normal , regular chilled line , haha. Since the very first time Ive seen him in the O.G. films , his riding was crazy and just got even crazier every year , haha……Jedi of ALL things rolling and just about everything for that matter !! Hahaha….WARM UP ……now THAT is funny !

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