Throwback Thursdays with Albert Retey

My long standing memory from my first contest turning pro, was Albert Retey’s winning ride at the World Championships in Limoges, France 1993. If you were there you will know exactly what I’m talking about, if not one of the classic runs of all time. Certainly one of my favourites, the music and the vibe from the crowd still gives me goose bumps to this day! Albert Retey, what a rider!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Albert Retey

  1. As if it wasn’t enough , him just SLLLAAAAAMMMING DOWN a hang five step over to half packer -back packer juggler line……the dude picks it back up to a side yard and BRAKELESS G-NU twitches to an elephant glide , @ 1.15 MINUTES …AND continues the combo into multiple elephant whips !!! This run is aggro TODAY …..being he threw it down in 1993 …..well…..THATS why his name always comes up , just as ya said Big-E , WHAT a RIDER ! His rope spin , all can-can STYLED OUT @ 3.00 MINUTES ……..back in 1995 , Labor Day weekend @ the Hoffman Bikes Bicycle Stunts contest in Oklahoma ……My BMX bruvs and I drove all night from San Antonio , getting there early in the a.m. , pulling into the parking lot outside Hoffmans skatpark……WHO did we see BUSTING OUT on his bike….ALBERT RETEY ! That rope spin ……he was winding em up like he did during THIS run……BUT…….instead of going to gerator …….Retey would FULL BODY stubble duck into CROSS mega spins !! You could say after an all night drive , SUPER drowsy getting there……AFTER mi amigos and I saw Albert nail THAT ……….we were WIDE awake , got our bikes out of the cars , and EAGERLY joined the session …..NOT in the jam circle that Albert Retey , Lionel Cardoso , Sean Peters , Sean McKinney , Chad Degroot , and Trevor Meyer were riding in , hahaha……we had a lil jam circle that ummmmmm……a lil more toned down SKILL wise , hahaha……like wheelchair flips to funky chickens , mega spins to stick-Bs , that kind of stuff , haha ! THEIR jam circle had cats RIPPING spastic side yards to PEDAL stance spinning right cross elephant glides , INSIDE circle PEDAL stance junk yards , crows nests OUT of long combos , BAR FLIP whiplashes , etc ,etc…………we would ride , watch their circle , ride , watch their circle , and repeat ! Hahaha…….San Antonio LEGEND flatlander AND artist , Steve Centeno has the ENTIRE 2 DAYS of that contest on V.H.S. !! Retey nails some INSANE links throughout the 2 days in Oklahoma …….THIS T.T. is DOPE…….NOW I gotta ask Steve about that video footage , haha…..ALSO …props on ALBERT RETEY receiving / earning his DOCTRINES in I think early 1998 ! Dr. ALBERT RETEY , a TRUE elite rider………..

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