Justin Miller vs Pete Brandt – OG Groundtactics

Have you wondered watching a contest, and wondered… “hey that score scored a 95, why?” over a another rider who might get a 90 for example….
As flatland progresses daily, it seems like the judging does not, it stands still, we have the same drama to deal with after almost every contest, although this Groundtactics system Chad Johnston came up is not without it’s problems, this does go a hell of a long way, to giving you the rider a justified score for your routine. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Justin Miller vs Pete Brandt – OG Groundtactics

  1. TheFlatlandGods shudder to think that mere mortals would give Pete Brandt the win. Obviously another failed judging system. That shouldn’t have even been close…TheFlatlandGods give Justin the win by the score of rootin von tootin to asswhoopin.

    • I was hoping for a bit discussion about this! But oh well.. I don’t any judging system will work first time, flatland is so complicated, this was a good first effort from Chad, I’m sure he will have a learnt a lot from doing this project with Justin and Pete, props to him for taking the time to work out every individual trick there is, and work out its worth.

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