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  1. ehhh sorry mate …. what’s really amazing is the fact that CHASE was doing Quad decades almost 2 decades ago, Kenshiro kills it but it’s 2012 so no

    • @johnm – Chill – we all know Chase did quads almost 2 decades ago! This is still amazing in my opinion, if it wasn’t we’d see one every week on here. I can’t remember the last one I posted other than Chase’s..

  2. I can’t even pull the doubles anymore on the new lower toptube frames, and believe me i’ve tried. Gonna build up my Proper Dolomite with spare parts i have as easier on that and start chasing the triple again. Sometimes you get lucky if the bike is still in the right position – then jump around once more. (If my leg holds together enough that is-ha.)

  3. Actually he did (hit 5 decades) !! I lived with Chase the winter after he quit Hoffman, early ’94. He hit 5, then kept riding–and landed 7!! FIVE decades then 2 more off the tire. He wasn’t filming himself tho, solo sesh.

  4. Steve Roy once told me he got around five times, all good, super clean then missed the pedal or something like that and ended up putting his foot down…another guy who I would think has done 5 would be Jamie McIntosh…Another Canadian bad ass…

  5. only people i’ve personally seen get around on 5 is jamie mcintosh and his good friend darren bolton……jamie and myself have done numerous quads, i have one quad on vhs lol…double decade to double 1 footed decade, only done that once….steve roy also told me he got around on 5 b 4 but touched down…on a side note i’ve witnessed steve roy pull numerous quads in person…perry mervar also has stomped 4’s and would not surprise me if he has done a 5er..triple decades used to be how jamie mac and myself ended every session……ahhh the good old days…..also i think brent oswald, jay miron, have done quads…….

  6. trevor myer……wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the only one ever to pull 5…..i seen chase last summer and he told me he never pulled 5,

  7. darren nordel….another decade master u’ve prob never heard of…..also the inventor of the fire haul(g turn fire hydrant) a very common move these days…

  8. Let’s see who can hit five! Remember the online contest of who could do the most hitchhiker juggles? What do you guys think about an decade contest? Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone could do five or more?!?

  9. Well, I asked Chase (then) if he’d hit his goal of 5. He said yeah, then “regular or off the tire?” I said “both”. He pulled five, then did it again–landed 2 more off the back tire.

  10. Funny this topic came up. I’m building up a bike with brakes and going for triple. It’s been something I’ve been planning for awhile. I haven’t had a rear brake since 07. Best I ever did was maybe 4 out of 10 attempts at double. Gets frustrating cause I want to session it for 4 hours straight but its too hard on the cankles so I would only do it as warmup. Quad decade is so insanely hard. I’ve probably done a hundred doubles and was stoked on every one. As of lately I’m stoked on plourdes technique at multiple brake less can’t wAit to see where he takes it

  11. Mult. decades for hours a sesh are tough on forearms! It’s a tough as working out at the gym hard…pushing with legs and gripping hard! But yeah Effraim, that would be a great contest! Jason Plordes is just freaking awesome to watch…..

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