Kevin Nikulski: Solid Ground

The Madnizz crew killed this edit with Kevin Nikulski, who of course if fresh off Autum. I have to be honest, I had no idea Kevin had so much skill on street, and his street nibble game is strong in this one, really liked the pegs nose at 2:37, and the tech front wheel at 1:51! As a whole, the edit and tune really fits Kevin’s personality and vibe, go watch this one if you haven’t already. Props to the Madnizz crew putting this edit together!

4 thoughts on “Kevin Nikulski: Solid Ground

  1. That’s something different! I like how the music fits and the whole video creates a special mood. Kevin’s riding fits very good here and by the way is super good as expected. The street stuff surprised me as well. Props!

  2. AGREED with Daddy Cool / Marley !! Whats happnin , Jay ?! Ive watched THIS , like 3 times already ! BAM !! Madnizz crew pulled a super cool rabbit outta their hat , with THIS edit . Been a fan of Nikulski since his RIPPING run @ the 2013 Cologne Masters contest , him riding a sweet pink frame . His style since then , to me anyway……has gotten BETTER ! More raw , aggressive , PLUS with the STREET stuff in his mix , well…..THAT makes it even MORE rad ! The mood , feel , music , riding , editing , filming… EVERYTHING is great .@ 3.02 MINUTES , his carved manual bar to 180 , Cab to nose manual 180 , THEN fakie roll , THEN @ 3.05 MINUTES ….his JUMP OUT / SWING THE FRAME to cross right fire haul , pumping / turbining…….THEN that SWEEEEEET Cobain SPIN / LEG OVER HIS FRAME move , @ 3.16 MINUTES , that he does . I REALLY dig that……..jumping BACK to his pedals ….THEN …Cabbing to ANOTHER Nose manual 360 !! 360 !! THAT is HOW ya seal a link ! Loving his BACK wheel line , also . I can totally see and appreciate a FULL years worth of work to get this edit in the bag !! Fun fact………My 33rd favorite band is called…….ON SOLID GROUND , its a shame , I think they broke up , though .Anyway…. they have an older song called THUS IT BEGINS , it would of been another good tune , had the Madnizz crew hadn’t had this awesome song picked already , haha. THIS is a really AGGRO edit…SAAAAAAALUD to Madnizz crew , Kevin Nikulski , Dig BMX , Flatmattersonline , and Kunstform BMX company…………….

  3. There is a certain flow to this vid that is hard to describe. From the use of black-and-white, to the music, and Kevin’s riding, it just fits well together. The video doesn’t feel rushed or goofy, but you know from the minute it starts you’re in for a treat.

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