8 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa Vs Yu Katagiri: Chimera Aside Final Battle 2023

    • Proper battle style Johann and exciting to watch! Edge of seat stuff, must have been amazing to watch live. Flatark this weekend!!!

  1. Damn this was SLLLLLLLAAAAMMMMED . ( meaning on edge , wild and chaotic. ) Both of em going for LONGER lines than they normally do . ( I’m all for THAT ! Wink , wink…) Their riding being cutting edge and so damn progressive . The saves ??!! Talk about some GNARLY saves . Totally hanging on , pulling it out …I loved those saves…….and to be saving lines as crazy at that in a CONTEST ??! Yeah …..this is a must watch battle and one of the best battles since Foakes and Kuoppa , when Martti went into attack mode and Foakes came through with his hammers as well. I think , Flat Ground 2006 ?? Not sure .Thank you , Dub for the video and Big-E for posting this……

  2. Unreal. Like the links don’t even seem attainable for a human being unless dissected with a flatland brain. Even then, at that point we’re faced with the facts of how do you amass the skill set and resources to embark on the necessary path towards these links? This is then considered with time and the almighty capitalist dollar working against you. It’s almost as if the western world needs to be restructured for the average mindset to sway towards valuing the efforts of these riders. I have so much appreciation and respect for what these men do. Its just so so very far beyond monkeying around with a ball, but yet that’s whats rewarded in the western world. Japan makes flatland godzillas. This was like watching two absolute monsters battle it out! The bar just keeps getting raised like there’s no limit. Love it!

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