Kio Hayakawa wins Chimera A Side in Nagoya, Japan

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa who took the win today at the last stop of Chimera A Side in Nagoya, Japan followed on the podium by Ryo Katagiri, and Masato Ito.

Shoutout to Alberto Moya for the live stream on Instagram this morning and getting sixth place. Flatark next up!

1 Kio Hayakawa
2 Ryo Katagiri
3Masato Ito
4 Jigen Omotehara
5 Yu Katagiri
6 Alberto Moya
7 Ren Oshima
8 Yu Shoji

4 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa wins Chimera A Side in Nagoya, Japan

  1. —-his (jigen’s) run at a comp two months back. he has a pretty subtle style, but i saw one or two little tiny signature looking bits. it’ll be interesting to see what he did to get 4th in this comp riding against such heavy-hitters. always good to see new(ish) faces at or near the top though, and with japanese riders, it seems like we can expect even more of that in 2024. they are just destroying it this decade.

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