The 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards: It’s Time To Vote! No

It’s that time of year, the Flatmattersonline Year Awards for 2023 are upon us. The readers of FM have around a month to vote, so plenty of time for you to consider your votes for Rider of the Year, Edit of the Year, Female Rider of the Year, Contest Run of the Year and the most difficult one but a fun one to break down, Line of the Year. As always have fun with it!

Reader Choice:
Rider of year
Edit of Year
Female rider of year
Contest Run of Year
Line of Year (video highlighting some of the contenders dropping in a few days, stay tuned!)

Editorial Vote:
Rider of year
Must Watch Edit of year
Outstanding Contribution
Breakthrough Rider of year
Brand of the Year

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: – entitled Flatmattersonline Year End Awards 2023.
Please vote only by email, it gets too complicated with DM’s, facebook messages etc.

When’s the Deadline for voting?
Voting closes Sunday 14th January.

Nominees announced:
Sunday January 21st

Year end award winners announced:
Sunday January 28th.

Please note:
Voting only counts via email. Plenty of time to go through edits over the new year, and look back via the site on the highlights of the year that will follow over the next few weeks, take your time and good luck and most of all enjoy the process of voting!


Have a good Christmas everyone, and happy new year!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Flatmattersonline 15th anniversary merchandise launch, appreciate the love!!


3 thoughts on “The 2023 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards: It’s Time To Vote! No

  1. TIMES 7 , stoked they’re gonna happen, E .Well…….my votes are in the comments , haha….and they’re ” set in stone ” in my mind . Had all year to think about , watch videos , analyze , and R E A L L Y decide on them ! Best of luck to all riders . It was a SLLLLAAAMMMED ( meaning wild. ) year of BMX Flatland. ( hell bruv , Dub’s edit took me MONTHS to visually , mentally digest by itself. )

    • Thanks Rodney! Make sure you email them in, super hard to grab them from all over the place. Email is so much easier. Appreciate you and your energy!

  2. Sunday 14th it closes right? Says Friday in the text.

    Needless to say, get your votes in people! I’m doing mine today.

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