4 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa wins Never Off The Battle!

  1. Those were some really rad battles ! ( Flat Society’s F.B. page ) I love watching raw , unedited footage and these battles didn’t disappoint …..Kio SLLLAMMMMING DOWN the FULL bike flip outta the blender ….in a freaking CONTEST…..so , so crazy . He’s so damn progressive with his riding that it blows my mind , just relentless with innovation , never stops pushing …everyone rode well , cats just fully going for it ,( I love that. ) going all out . I’m into contests like that . I don’t care about touches , mistakes ….I just like seeing what I saw at this contest , fully going in , balls to the wall , haha…..reminded me of watching the very first Flatland Voodoo Jam finals ( 2004 . ) I still get hyped watching that footage today . Kio is evolving the sport …DAILY…..thanks for the post , E !

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