2 thoughts on “Kotarow Higashitani & Fuu Higashitani

  1. Damn these cats are THE future of bmx flatland , CRAZY talent / drive , and great attitudes to be coached by one of THE most ELITE riders to EVER hail from Japan …..YOSUKE YORK UNO…….STOKED he nails that classic flavor of a link @ the end of the edit ! Ever since Ron Wilkersons Burning Bike contest , waaaaaaay back in September of 1999………..York showed up ….BUSTED OUT , and has BEEN ripping his stylz on his bike ,since then GLOBALLY ! X, Trials , Games in Aus. / the U.S. , K.O.G.s , and COUNTLESS other comps……hes pretty much won em ALL……..NOW to be selfless enough to GIVE BACK / LEAD / TEACH , the NEXT future generations of riders …well……THAT really set him apart , in the GREATEST way . THE Ares bike company capitan , @ the helm , for the LONG RUN …………

  2. Said it so we’ll Rodney. If we had complete bikes specially for flat & others ridin, who knows. Ares & York have seen the potential for these kids & the market. Their enthusuam’s ahead of time. You blink & It’s gone like a country town, haha.

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