Rad Girls Cut 2019

The female flatland scene is growing, whether it be the contest scene or outside. New faces are appearing every year, Paula over at Rad Girls just dropped in this great annual edit from riders across the world. Good vibes and long may it continue, keep busting out ladies!

4 thoughts on “Rad Girls Cut 2019

  1. The ‘Chairnan’ , Martin Aparijo would be happy. That girl doing the f/hydrant to pinkys got the technique, to learn it, l can see it. My advice girls, is, if you want it, It’s in the mind, be patient & It’ll happen, go for it & show us more. What do you think gusy?

  2. Thanks for posting Effraim! We really appreciate the coverage. I usually try to keep it to 10 minutes, but there’s just too much talent to showcase. Its mind blowing for me to see how many more girls are riding now. Next years will be even better.

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