Last Times with Maxime Cassagne

Hello everyone!

Lockdown slowly looks to be easing, and producing exclusive content for the site has helped me stay active during these difficult times. Last times is intended to be a quick and easy read, and I am picking riders I feel deserve some coverage. Next up is French shredder, Maxime Cassagne! Read on….

You rode: Today

You were injured: Today, got a little tendinit elbow for one week so i slow down a bit (Used to ride 6 times a week since the beginning of the quarantine ahah).

Got a puncture: 2 months ago.

Bike part you broke: Spokes last week.

Trick you learnt: Sw ft nose wheelie this month.

Music Track you downloaded: Merde, Josman.

Video part you watched: Watched again yesterday Jeff Desroches session in his small garage, awesome!

You competed: MOC 2019.

Bike modification you made: Cut my seatpost in January.

Podcast you listened to: “What does it take” by Matthias Dandois.

You brought some trainers/kicks to ride in: I need to buy a new pair, mine are dead !

You travelled overseas: Reunion Island, November 2019.

You changed your tyres: 4 month ago when my Ares Exploded (Flatbible Meme is awesome).

Bike part you brought: FEC Titanium fork and crank back in January, dope parts!

Rode with another person: One month ago, before the quarantine, with Mat Bonnecuelle.

Did a double decade: Don’t know how to make one, but I wanna learn it!

Rode street: Don’t ride street.

Movie watched: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, yesterday night on Netflix.

You rode with a brake: 3 years ago.

Trick you invented: Don’t know if Sw ft peg wheelie no hand turbine have been done before ? If yes, bwd Teakettle no ft one hand last year for MOC ? But maybe someone did it before, sometimes you don’t know ! Sure, my turbine teakettle no ft one hand back in 2017.

Stressed out and threw your bike: Sometimes, maybe 3 month ago, i try to stay calm, but sometimes I fail ahah (KravmaJean if you read me).

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