Old School Sundays with RL Osborn

RL Osborn’s return to flatland is well documented all over social media, today when I was thinking about who I should feature. After a few searches, I came across this blast from the past that sealed the deal. RL’s final run from the AFA Masters at the Velodrome in 1987. The cross bar double boomerang at 5:14 is still dope to this day, his run starts at 2:50 later an interview with the man himself.

5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with RL Osborn

  1. Thanks for posting. I was there and watched this live.

    I also remember when El Cid invented the Backwards Rubber Ride. I learned it on a snow covered road during a Canadian winter.

    • Hi Fred. Was that snowy Canadian road angled up hill in both directions?…such that you learned RL’s trick in the snow uphill both ways?

      Asking for a friend. LOL…

      Nice to hear from you again.

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