Last Times with Zimmi Akhmad

Travelling is one of the best things about the flatland lifestyle, you get to meet fellow flatlanders you might not ever meet. Last year when I was attending the UCI World Championships in Chengdu, China, I got to meet a fresh face to the flatland scene I hadn’t seen before, Zimmi Akhmed! Flatland crosses many boundaries, and we shared a funny moment out for lunch trying to translate a Chinese menu along with Dustyn Alt, Sietse Van Berkel, Gilles van de Sompel (and afew others) at a restaurant close by to the UCI World Championship venue. I wanted to give Zimmi some shine on the site, he lives in Bali and is the only flatlander there. It’s time for second edition of “Last Times”. Much respect Zimmi!

Introduce yourself Zimmi, for everyone that doesn’t know who you are?
My name is Zimmi Akhmad I’m 33 Yo and will turn 34 on May 26 this year. Originally from Sidoarjo is a suburb of the second capital city in Indonesia of Surabaya. Interesting with BMX after I watched the BMX Bandit the movie from 1983, it was Nicole Kidman and Tracy Wallace I think if I’m not wrong, and by the time my friend also introduces me with BMX bike when I was 18 YO. And in 2001 I know what is BMX freestyle is, and in 2003 I started ride flatland. I decided to move to a small beautiful island of Bali in 2014 because I love the ocean because in the city where I live before it is just a concrete jungle and no beaches. Just settle in Bali and get a job as Business Development Manager for the distribution company which sells surf products because Bali is such a big market for the Surfing industry internationally after Australia and Hawai. And also because I love to surf as well, I would go surf if I can’t go ride instead. But surely my passion is BMX.

I live in Bali with no flatlanders, only street riders and skaters here are such a struggle, to be honest, to keep motivated to ride flatland. When you get stressed trying to get new tricks, or can’t land a trick sometimes. That’s why sometimes I hang out with friends which they are street riders here in Bali, and they keep motivating me. Till now I’m the only flatland rider who lives in Bali.

Last time I rode?
As I remember it was on 23 march before this pandemic getting serious in Bali and it was also the biggest Hindu Balinese holy day for Silent day which is you can’t go to work, no lights, no party, no nothing so the whole island is completely shut down. the keep continuing self-quarantine till now.

Last Time injured?
On January 18, 2020, I have shot with one of photographer from Poland, my side job also being talent or models for the international brand or local brand here if they need a talent or model which can do BMX as well. At the last spot of the shot, I need to do drop in from the top of the car which I could do three times already and the last time I try again just misses the moment and literally landed on my face on the asphalt. That the last time I was injured not because when I ride flatland but street instead hahaha.

Last time got a puncture?
Ooh God lucky we have traditional Balinese healing or massage here, every time I sprained my ankle or hands they can be fixed just by massage or healing here. So I never go to the hospital i know it is such a weird thing here but it works.

Last Bike part I broke?
Recently I just changed my old Shadow pedal with Fly Ruben Alcantara pedals, because that the only pedal they have in the shop.

Last trick I learn?
At the moment I learn back wheel trick cross mega spin grab the front peg flip to jump in upside-down cross mega spin, once this quarantine is over I will back to my spot again. As I just get the news that the area that I’ve been riding is in the red zone at the moment. I hope this will be over soon.

Last Music track I downloaded?
To honest with you for music influence I kinda like punk, hardcore deathcore music to listen but for riding I always listen the trick from :
Asap rocky
Travis Scott
Peggy Gou
Bill Withers
Wutang Clan
Delta 5

Last Video part I watched?
I just watch this last night actually from Diversion tv issue 1.0 part 4.0 I think it was Ed Nussbaum and Tagi on the brakeless video, then continue the latest video from Kink Bike “Champagne”…

Last time I compete?
After I got back from China November last year I go straight to Borneo there’s National Open competition here and I got silver medals. And that’s also the last competition season In Indonesia.

Last Bike Modification I make?
I ride two pieces handlebar at the moment, and my old Ben Lewis four pieces bar I use to build for another bike for my street bikes.

Last podcast I listened?
last time I listened to the podcast from Marti Kuoppa with Freestyle Tactics, that were so inspiring and motivating.

Last time I brought the trainers/ kicks to ride?
Was a month ago since the surf tech is closed because of this pandemic, surf training also good for every action sports. for me, Surf training pretty much supports my riding bike as well especially for strength on your arms.

Last time Travel overseas?
As FISE Hiroshima is been postponed I haven’t traveled overseas yet, so my last was FISE Chengdu November last year.

Last Time I changed my tires?
Also November last year, still waiting for my new tires coming I just order online.

Last Bike part I brought?
yesterday I just change my 25T sprocket with Division Brand.

Last session with another person?
Hahaha, unfortunately, I’m the only flatland rider here in Bali so I’m always riding by my self. But in September last year, Kevin and Dustyn come to visit me here in Bali and we ride together and make some clip here i think that’s the last time I were riding together with another person haha.

Last time you did a double Decade?
Uuuuh I can even able to do one decade and it’s been years ago, I dunno if I am able to do it anymore haha.

Last time I ride street?
yesterday… was so boring at home and cruising with street rider here but it didn’t stay long outside.

Last time you watched a movie?
Contagion from 2011 three days ago.

Last time I rode with a brake?
I think i was so inspired by Michael Steingraber from the Props groundwork video. Even I get the dragonfly bar his signature bars back in the day, so I’m pretty much riding without a brake since day one.

Last time trick I invented?
Ehmm… I still wanna try the trick that I’ve been learning at the moment back wheel trick. cross mega spin grab the front peg flip to jump in upside-down cross mega spin.

Last stressed out and threw my bike?
Pretty much all the time when I’m practice if not landed or so closed to land.

2 thoughts on “Last Times with Zimmi Akhmad

  1. Great pick for this column , Big- E ! I do remember this shredder from the Chengdu World Championships , couple months back ! Upon combing the net recently to check out more of his riding……..I came across a rad lil combo clip of his . Zimmi has a really SLLLLAAAAMMMED way he butter slips into his side packers ! As he pumping / spinning a switch hand steam…….he just BAM , slip into the packer . It looks sweet cause you don’t see it coming at all ! Then he spastically kicks a regular right K- doughnut , and same thing…….just BAM , boomerangs , switches hands , meet the seat to spin / pump another switch hand steam ! I dig his riding . Dudes got good style , flow , and snappy switches . He does RIP on the BACK wheel also ! Mad RESPECT that he SURFS as well ! Ive always respected that sport / lifestyle . Its GNAR and GRACEFUL , all @ the same time. Ive said this million of times , TIMES 7……….one of the MANY cool things about FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM……ya get to get exposed to some RIPPING riders from all over the globe ! They have their own approach , style to their riding , great to read / see . Him riding street RULES as well . Hell bruv ……wish I was better @ street riding AND had some of Zimmis style on flatland , haha. Looking forward to see / hearing MORE from this dude ………hope he gets to sesh his spot A.S.A.P. ! Thanks , Effraim / Zimmi ……THIS made my morning before work …………

    • Thanks Rodney, that’s the general idea of bringing back the “last Times” feature (happy you noticed). Shed some light on some riders that don’t I feel don’t get much coverage and deserve it. Zimmi is an awesome guy, was great to meet him in China.

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