5 thoughts on “Lee Musselwhite: All “Master of creativity” rounds / 2017-2020

  1. His signature Phionex glide , already SLLLLAAAAMMMED enough on its own……….to have linked a BACKWARD boomerang / turbine crack packer , THAT was just friggin MINT ! As well as his BACKWARDS facing boomerang , landing to a NO handed crack packer ! ALL of these lines are moves that are HIS …..which screams volumes in it self . E , is spot on . THIS is a HEAVY watch , and Im really thrilled that he put all of his BANGER lines into 3. 25 minutes of pure DREAM LEVEL trick / combo SAVAGRY ! Like the iconic Impulsivity video……….we can all watch this exact compilation 25 years from today……….and honestly realize that the wild progressive sh-t that was hammered down in this edit ……all of it was MULTIPLE moons ahead of its time , and will most likely NEVER really be touched , copied ,and that its as untouchable as the day that Lee FIRST created all of it . I often STILL go back , like this last Sunday and read Lees Ride BMX U.K. interview from Fall of 2006 , I have TWO copies of THAT magazine . Every single word that Lee professed in that deep , informative , and honest interview about just HOW and WHERE Lee had planned to take his riding from that point on out…………you literally see ALL of his words and intentions to push the boundaries of EXTREME possibilities within the CREATING and PORGRESSION of the sport ! Again , this compilation is very much appreciated and the track used on it by L.L Cool J…………..its like Lee talking to Flatland as a whole 25 years from now , haha……thats how I related the lyrics of the song as I was watching his mind blowing , signature combos………..SO dope………….

    • Im down ,Lee ! I will buy you the pints of Guinness ……..and I ‘ll be guzzling the pints of ROOT beer , haha ……all while asking you just HOW you worked out the momentum / physics of the MENTAL backwards ONE handed Cobain SPIN and your tea kettle TOP ROCK double boomerang that you debuted in Chad Johnston’s Infinite Pieces video in Fall of 2000 , haha ! Those were some SERIOUS hammers that were WAAAAAY ahead of the game !

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