4 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips: 2020 Mixtape

  1. I NEVER would of thought a rider would be SLLLAAAMMMING nose manuals ……like THIS , and throwing them in combos, at that ! Keelan is on his OWN level with what hes done with one of the MOST crazy balance point moves in the history of BMX as a WHOLE ! So killer of an edit . He hasnt stopped BANGING with his evolution of riding since he WON the 2006 Ninja Spin contest , hell ……even BEFORE that ,when he won the Athens Jam Final Exam Jam contest in Fall of 2005 ,when he was stateside !

  2. That last link starting with the savage nose manual to whiplash to turbined half hiker then onto further insanity is unbelievable. I keep getting stuck rewinding and rewatching it. The speed he has going into it, like damn he’s just roastin that court.

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