Must Watch: Jeep Real Games Qualifying Videos

I wouldn’t normally give the “Must Watch” tag for contest footage, but wow!
Credit where credit is due, this is the most cutting edge riding I have seen back to back in a contest like this. Heavy riding from the likes of the Katagiri brothers, Hiroya Morizaki, Naoto Tamaru, Kio Hayakawa, Hidenori Ishizaki and many more. If you didn’t even know, this like statement! “Japan is leading the way!”
This is just qualifying too, do yourself a favour. Put by an hour and just watch your jaw hit the floor.

Link below:

13 thoughts on “Must Watch: Jeep Real Games Qualifying Videos

  1. Remember the movie Step Brothers ??! Im the BMX version of that , hahaha……..the first video I watched at the top of the contenders, was Yu……….when he put down that FULL bike flip, via rocket roll ….instead of asking my mom , wheres the meat loaf ?? Hahaha , I almost woke her up , had to cover my mouth from shouting in excitement ! His entire run was BONKERS WILD ………BIKE flip to G-turn switch PEDAL time machine , MID-COMBO ??!! C,mon man ! These are MUST WATCH entries indeed , TIMES 7 . Big-E is correct …..Japan is leading the way in cutting edge BMX Flatland , these videos are WAAAAAAY out of hand . TOO much difficulty , a GREAT thing to witness in the sport today . This whole online entry format seems to be working in the favor of the progression of the sport . Forget the meat loaf …….I want them FULL bike flips , haha……….

    • hahah gold!!! I still think to Mulder 360 bike flipping so long ago… I see Yu either ending lines with this or starting it, the options for this young genius!!!!

  2. Fuck. As much as I’m thankful for the time I grew up and progressed in flatland back in the 1980s, the flow and amazing riding these guys are pushing blows my mind. So happy to see the sport being pushed so far! Cheers, boys! You are the future!

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