No Flatland in the 2024 Olympics

Photo: Bart de Jong.

SAD news announced the other day, Flatland will not be included in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) announced there are six more places added to park, will the Olympic committee have achieved “full gender parity” which strongly suggest the lack of women participation is probably why flatland is not in the Olympics. No official word, but seems the most likely.

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8 thoughts on “No Flatland in the 2024 Olympics

  1. My love of flat has always had me question, wether the IOC would try run it, ‘their way’. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe not. I’m not entirely sure.

  2. Bummed about this ………seeing ALOT of women , especially lately participating in these online contests , I just figured that there are more than enough to run a FULL class @ the Olympics . Maybe , they should be a lil be light on the invite only rule and just let women from all across the globe enter and compete ! Last time I checked ……….there are LOADS of women who absolutely just SLLLLLLAAAMMMM DOWN hard on their bikes WITH a level as high as ALOT of their fellow male competitors ! This has to be a not so hard fix …….if they SHRED full stop with their combos …….just let them compete ! Like @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , no invite , show up , pay the entry fee and ride ! I know being the U.C.I. , there is a format that has to be considered and run proper , it is the U.C.I., but…………just for the sake , greater good of BMX Flatland ………how bout just have a lil online entry contest , and Im pretty sure LOADS of women WILL enter , enough to have a FULL class of riders , and just basically choose the most dope riders of them , and AGAIN …I KNOW its ALOT of em , and just run the Flatland contest . Besides Id be AMMMMMMPED to see Terry Adams ,Dominik Nekolny ,Erin Donato , and that one woman from Tokyo , with the double front brake that does half hiker , reach over bar flips , and staple gun roll pivot/ switches . I cant think of her name but I can say just a REGULAR staple gun roll ,bar flip to Cobain scuff …….that took my wack ass 5 MONTHS to dial , hahaha. Learned it Christmas Eve day @ around 5 .32 P.M. in 1995 , haha ! The one that the woman does from Tokyo…….THAT one is HARD AS HELL , and Ive always wanted to learn it , haha ! I REALLY hope that the U.C.I. considers an alternative to just NOT having BMX Flatland at all………if not……I friggin PRAY / HOPE that there will be a 2024 or SOONER ……Flatland Voodoo Jam !!!

      • You’re right Big-E , I know …..I guess Im just kind of desperately WISHFUL thinking , trying to force a theory into a quick fix to get Flatland in there ! Damn , Effraim ……….its just that after watching the U.C.I. last round with Nekolny SLAAAAAMMMING it to victory , that entire contest was such a rad , nail biting , edge of your chair type of event ……..I could just imagine what it would be like in an Olympic setting !! I hear ya , and take your word saying its on the right path , bruv …… being a huge part of the orchestration of the Flatland side of the U.C.I. , THAT has me knowing the path will be good , TIMES 7 . That documentary that Nekolny dropped , his journey to victory ……DAAAAAAAAAMMN , that whole video was MINT and REALLY showed the struggle , overcoming injury and KEEPING his head set on still going for his hardest sh-t , going ALL or nothing on his bike ! That should be a MUST WATCH / T.T. post ,E !! Hahahaha…….

  3. I feel that Dirt, Street and Flat best repentant the spirt of BMX.

    Park is the most boring. Ironic, its the only discipline in the Olympics

  4. I feel too good to care. Flatland has already been getting awesomer on its own since its inception. Olympics will recognize or not, and we’ll all just keep riding. Every time one of us lands something we’ve worked on, no one in the world can take that feeling away, or truely understand the satisfaction unless they also ride.

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