Lisias Tabarelli – How-to Elephant Glide / Circle K

I feel like a bit of a dick pointing this out in the description and I don’t mean any kind of drama or anything like that for the record. But this how-to by Lisias Tabarelli is for a Circle K, some call it a half packer scuff, not an Elephant glide…
That is a completely different trick and balance point. Nevertheless these how tos are good for the sport, Lisias shows how-to get into and out of the circle k from John Doenut, plus gliding circle k, a classic Kevin Jones move (as is the elephant glide).

2 thoughts on “Lisias Tabarelli – How-to Elephant Glide / Circle K

    • No problem at all Lisias, just correcting you. Elephant glide and circle k are two different tricks, its a circle k aka halfpacker scuff you are doing

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