Naoto Tamaru: How to Flatland BMX

I am sure we all agree, Japan as a nation leads the way in introducing new riders to flatland better than anywhere else in the world. Naoto Tamaru throws down a clinic here on how to get into flatland BMX and learn some core basics with brakes and without. In my opinion, there can never be enough how to’s out there to help the next generation. Love it!

How to Freestyle for Beginners

At just over one hour and fifty one minutes long, this is about the longest how to series I can think of. There are are lot of moves demonstrated right here, featuring Takahiro Ikeda who directs this also, Misaki Ishizaki, Yu Yamamoto, Takumi Isogai, and Kio Hayakawa.

York Uno: How to Top Tube Elephant Glide

York Uno is killing the flatland how-to game, and is dropping how-to’s pretty much daily. It’s hard to keep up, I would call this move a top tube backwards squeaker… never mind tricks have different names across the globe…. Thank you York for contributing on the daily to the new generation of riders.

Chase Gouin: BMXicos 1998

Before Cream Magazine, there was the BMXicos posse that ran a print magazine and produced a few videos included this great one featuring Chase Gouin, that includes interview, great riding footage and Chase explaining each line as it goes down around the 2:21 mark! This is well worth your attention, I don’t feel many across the globe will have seen this, so I will stager the posts out today to give this one some time….