Old School Sundays with Rich Upjohn / Happy 50th Birthday

Rich Upjohn – KOF – September 1989 from Kieran on Vimeo.

Today is a special day, Rich Upjohn celebrates his 50th birthday!

Let’s go back to 1989, and one of Rich’s flatland runs from the King of Flatland contests that happened regularly in New England. Jamming to the sounds of Madonna, I grew up reading all about these events in Radazine and E-wire ‘zine via Kieran Chapman (who I believe filmed this run too), so it’s so rad to see these runs. Rich is a great rider, and even back in 89’ he is throwing down death trucks, hitchhikers, macaroni to smith out, not to mention the direct entry to forward death with no dead time at all from the half lash (kind of an Rich Upjohn signature move in it itself) and much more with the legendary raditude to boot.

Happy birthday Rich, hope you have a great day!