50 Flatland How-To’s by Todd Carter

Yesterday Todd Carter turned 50 years old, and as a amazing gesture Todd contributed 50 flatland how-to’s to everyone. Talk about giving back to the culture, Todd is one of the raddest dudes in the game. Belated Happy Birthday Todd!!!

19 thoughts on “50 Flatland How-To’s by Todd Carter

  1. You’re RULING with all this carefully selected content , Effraim ! Happy Birthday , Todd ! These are rad how-to videos and it’s really SLLLLLAMMMMED that you’re STILL shredding on your bike @ 50 ……VERY inspirational , campeon ……Your last Dream Run still rules !

  2. Happy Birthday!
    And Kudos! This is such an amazing piece of work to put out to the world — will be viewed, reviewed and studied by new riders for decades. Congrats, it’s gotta be pretty cool knowing that a future Kio will have been greatly helped by watching these when he started out.

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