The Kio Hayakawa Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Kio Hayakawa & Hikaru Funya.

Kio Hayakawa!! This young talent from Japan is making big waves in the global flatland scene. I met Kio for the first time at the X Games in Chiba, Japan and it was obvious the man is on a mission. Riding more than anyone else at the contest, and so consistent on all his new tricks. It’s kind of daunting to see, and I would imagine even more daunting for his competitors.
There is something wonderfully pure about his riding, and his work ethic. It’s kind of cheesy to say the future is bright for Kio, because he’s already here as is proven by his X-Games gold medal. He kicked the door down, and shouted loud and clear his intentions. His riding does the talking, hammers getting dropped with an amazing consistent ratio.. Let’s get into this interview with two years in a row Flatmattersonline Rider of the Year, and of course X Games Gold Medalist, welcome to the Kio Hayakawa Interview…..

Congratulations to you Kio, winner of three 2021 Flatmattersonline Year end awards? How do you feel?
Thank you so much! I feel very honoured. To have so many riders see me is the most important thing for me.

Contests were few and far between last year, how was it travelling to the Never off battle last August? That was your first trip overseas right?
I was very anxious at first. For example, would I be able to get on the plane I booked alone? Or, would I be able to communicate well with everyone? etc.
But when I arrived in Switzerland, Alex picked me up at the airport, and we met up with everyone afterwards.
Everyone was very kind to me. I was nervous at first, but thanks to everyone I had a great time! It’s been an unforgettable week!

I’m just back from japan, I have to ask you how do you feel about winning the X Games?
I can’t put it into words. I’m very happy. If it’s true, I couldn’t get out. I had very mixed feelings when I got the email. But three days before the competition, I got a message from Dub.Thanks to that message I was able to change my mind. I wanted to give him a good report.
And now that I had decided to compete, I wanted to do my best!The 2003 X-Games champion was my idol Simon O’Brien.
As a member of the same COLONY team, I really wanted to pick up the baton.
I knew it would mean so much to win this time, the first X-Games back in 19 years.
I’m so happy to have succeeded in my favourite feat and to win.
I want to thank everyone who supported me from the bottom of my heart.

Did you do everything you planned for the X Games ? Or did you have more combos left?
That was all I had planned for the contest. I wanted to give it my all! I really wanted these tricks to succeed on the X-Games stage. Some of these tricks I couldn’t decide on at the japan contest. I really wanted to succeed in front of everyone watching me!

You certainly did that Kio. What’s your daily riding schedule? I heard you are riding eight hours a day?
I practise alone from 9am to 4pm and with my brothers for about two hours at night. On my days off, I practise all day.

Are you concerned with consistency? How do you stay consistent and progress so far?
The comments and reactions from everyone to my videos are very motivating for me!

You share a indoor riding spot with your brothers, do you always ride together or separate times?
When they are at school I ride alone. But on their days off they practice with my brothers every day!

Do you ride with anyone else besides your brothers?
Sometimes I go out to practice BMX with other people from the same area, or even with everyone out of province!

Any news on your signature frame with Colony?
We’re just getting adjusted now! We’ve just finished the final tweaks and have a name for you! coming soon! enjoy!

What are you plans for this year after your huge X-Games win? Competing at Fise? Any other events?
I would like to actively participate in contests. So do events! I can learn a lot from practising with you guys! And also get to know lots of people!

What’s your opinion on sharing new tricks, do you keep some a secret for a contest? You prefer a video part or instantly on Instagram?
Sometimes I think about that very much. But either way, I always want to surprise everyone. I love coming up with new things and sending them out! Your comments always motivate me!
I really appreciate for everyone!

Any final words Kio?
I love BMX! I wanna travel with BMX and meet you Everyone! And I want to ride BMX with you! I’m really looking forward to that day! I’m also working hard on my English so I can talk to you Everyone more!

Great catching up with you Kio! Congrats once again!

2 thoughts on “The Kio Hayakawa Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview

  1. SLLLLLAAAAMMMMMED , Big- E ! Great interview for damn sure , mate . Kio’s winning U.F.L. combo……THAT right there ( STILL watching THAT ! ), his performance @ the most massive contest in the recent history of the sport…..C H I B A -X -G A M E S , his full on attack mode during N.O.T.B. ……even his video part in Stu’s last epic full length …….all these accolades and so much more are EXACTLY why he IS the Michael Jordan , Danny Way , or Garret Reynolds of Flatland these days ! He’s shown and more than proven his innovation , and drive in the sport ! Mad respect to him . His riding ,as you stated E,….does the talking , pretty much does the SCREAMING , haha……..WITH a N.O.R.A. CUP in his possession ,to boot . HAMMER slinger and progressive tricks / combos, bringer , TIMES 7……..

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