Frank Lukas: Hang5 Podcast Episode 24

German Flatland powerhouse Frank Lukas, discusses his BMX roots, becoming a pro rider, starting Deep BMX with Matti Rose, becoming a UCI judge, life after pro, Family, getting a real job, the state of the sport, XGames, collecting midschool bikes, Flatbible and much more. Really enjoyed this episode with Low Cash.

Tune in right here:

8 thoughts on “Frank Lukas: Hang5 Podcast Episode 24

  1. On fire with the content , Effraim ! Not to mention your riding progression , too ! This is SO good . I’ve been a fan of Mike Detmer since Diversion 1.0 and still watch his section in that. Sick ,just now finding out he was a staple guy to Frank’s coming up . Frank’s interests in the F.F. crew , their life style , his judging gig , his take on Flatland , so many other topics ……really makes yet ANOTHER great episode of Hang Five podcast ! He just seems to know the best , right , and most interesting questions to ask every rider on the podcasts . Again, this is so good ! I met Frank @ the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam and had really rad chats with him throughout the weekend , late @ night in the hotel lobby . Really cool , humble rider whose very progressive with his riding still to this day . His pumping , tight circle half packer , pivot / bike switches to switch hand steams , spastic side yards jump through to cross , kicking behind , spinning Elephants , and so many other new styles , links that he brought forth really changed the game of blending fast , aggressive style with mind blowing technical transitions . Can’t wait to listen to all of this …..I just had to pause and comment on just how rad this podcast is so far halfway through it . ” Low cash ” as he was known by in early 2000s is one of the most fast , stylish and leading fore runners who intensely ushered in the new school of Flatland riding as soon as his Infinite Pieces video part dropped in the Fall of 2000 ! ( thank you , Chad Johnston , also ! ) HANG FIVE PODCAST !!!

      • Now THAT’S exactly what I wanna hear , Big- E ! Time to grab a cuppa and be AMMMPED and ready, for what you’re slanging out next week ……’ve been a content killa with all the quality edits , subjects , and interviews you’ve done and chosen these days , my man ………FLATMATTERS !

    • Thanks for the kind words Rodney!
      That’s what makes me continue to produce episodes.
      Frank and I had a really good discussion.
      I am glad the response is positive.
      More to come, Stay tuned!

      • You’re so welcome , maestro ! I’m always looking forward to these . I know it takes good chemistry and research chatting with all these riders . Eagerly awaiting future episodes ! HANG FIVE PODCAST , TIMES 7………

      • You do a remarkable job with the interviews and keep things flowing really well. I’ve listened to this and the one with Matt Wilhelm and both were a real treat. Hope you can get a few more people to come on and spend some time with you!

  2. This is super cool! I always wanted to meet and ride with Frank Lukas but sadly, it hasn’t yet happened. This is a pretty awesome window into his life and impact on riding. Thank you for doing this!

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