The Viki Gomez Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview + Viki’s Must Watch Rise 4 Ever Part!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Jason Halayko.

Hello everyone,

After a few days break from my back to back trips to Lyon France and straight to Japan for the X Games. It’s time to get back to posting some content for you all at home.
And next up in the Fm year end award winner interviews is Viki Gomez, winner of the editorial choice for edit of the year 2021!
We discuss the award, filming the part, direction changes in Viki’s riding, motivations with contests vs edits, Titanium bikes and his new video part Rise 4 Ever (which you can watch below!

RISE 4 EVER from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

Congratulations on the award Viki “Editorial Choice edit of the year”. I was curious, how long did the winning edit take you to Film ?
After last year’s UCI results at the World Championships I decided to bring back some of my original tricks. I learnt a new style during the pandemic based on long rolling tricks like around the world and others but when I came to the contest I realised it was not possible to make these kinds of tricks in a contest. Therefore I think a new style was born so it just started to rise! So from May last year I haven’t stopped till today!

How is the titanium bike treating you?
It’s amazing! Definitely a life change and I tell you: You haven’t seen yet what’s coming from me as I will pull the new tricks someday and people will understand even more how efficient a light bike is.
Just look at the Katagiri brothers and Naoto! They ride Titanium bikes made by VIKING BMX! Look at the full bikeflips, bunnyhop whips or the epic flow of Ryo. It is a matter of time that people will come into this new realm.

I know last time we talked you were suffering with tendonitis. How is that going? Lighter bike helping?
It is luckily over and the light bike made it disappear! Just think that the bike technology before VIKING BMX was 90s technology. And I don’t say this because I am involved in this project but because David Palau who is the engineer behind this project is a genius who likes BMX and has arrived to improve it.
A light bike helps the new generations and the old generations. In my case it gave me many more riding years.

What was the standout move for you on the edit?
The overall style! It is my masterpiece of mixing all the styles. From front wheel to back wheel, to bike flips, whips, xf tricks, backwards, etc. The definition of the Freestyler that I am.

Are you feeling edits more than contests lately?
Right now I am into both. I am not motivated to go to a contest if I cannot win or I don’t have new tricks and this is why in my career I took breaks to come back stronger. I know that the Japanese riders and Dub are at a new level and it can be frustrating to find original tricks in that level but this also gives me the motivation to keep pushing and creating. The tricks that I want to do will become a reality!

You just got back from X Games? How was your experience in Chiba?
Oh man! What a good feeling being on the big stage and hanging out with top athletes from different sports. I loved it!!
Right after the contest I had a session with Yu Katagiri. Naoto and Ucchie were there so I felt like showing them my new tricks and ideas that none had seen.
Funny thing is that I was close to land some of them and they loved them. They encourage me to go for them. We discussed a lot about techniques of how to learn new tricks and work with the mind. I gotta thank Ucchie and Naoto for their tips! Even if we are competitors, we are good friends and we wish the best for each other. I can’t thank them enough for their tips that I already used the last 3 days since I came from Japan so I will thank them by pulling those tricks!

Your new video just dropped! What’s your goal with edits? Last year three edits, which is incredible output.
Thanks!! My goal is to keep making combos that perhaps I will just make once in my life. Ideas come in a Freestyle way and I just film them. This is how it is. I want to film some tricks and never do them again. So when they are on camera it means to me: done and move on.

Do you spend a lot of time editing?
I work with Tom from SEVISUAL. Actually he helped me edit those tricks and he realized there was enough content to make a video. So now we stand on RISE 4 (ever) which means I will “4ever” keep pushing and progressing as long as I am on my bike.

What are your motivations in 2022? Is it any different than when you first started?
Can it be that I feel the same? I know it is crazy but my drive for riding is as strong as it was before. My main motivation is to maintain my current level and make my new dream tricks!! It is going to be a new style and I am going to make those next level tricks purely because I know I can! It is my mission in life!

What’s next for Viki Gomez?
Make the Red bull Bike n Mic Show Battle bigger! I got amazing feedback from Red Bull and perhaps this project will go around the world. It is all about good vibes and hardcore tricks capturing these magic moments of BMX that happen after the contest is over. The moments we live for!
I made a Red Bull Bike N Mic League of riders! Those who are actually artists and ride with their heart! They connect with the people because they have this magic spark. We all together can make Flatland bigger and shown in a new way.

Expand VIKING BMX: We have big plans and right now six Red Bull Athletes ( Park and Flat ) are riding our frames and products. So I hope to inspire more people to try them and to improve their performance. David Palau spent seven years developing the products so now it is time to see how it will help the riding of many people.

Compete in different contests

Keep promoting BMX through creative productions, projects, international shows and my program for kids Let´Z Ride.

Any final words?
Believe in yourself! There will be down moments for you to rise in a new way. Life has a plan for you so don’t freak out and always go to the next level! Be creative, be original and not just an athlete! This is BMX Freestyle so the ones who ride with their heart will touch the divinity! This applies to life so listen to your heart!
I am still working on my masterpiece so you are going to see me around for many more years!
Thanks a lot for this Effraim!

Your Welcome Viki, congratulations once again for the award Edit of the Year. Hope everyone enjoyed this interview with Viki and his new part!

14 thoughts on “The Viki Gomez Flatmattersonline Year End Award Interview + Viki’s Must Watch Rise 4 Ever Part!

  1. His inside cross bar small Karl , pivot to steam , backwards double footed back yard roll turbine , steam kick flip to half packer ( he has them locked down bars big AND small ! ) , half hiker turbine drop to hiker to QUICK pivot to X-leg side packer ..etc ,etc… many new details sprinkled in these combos ! Not to mention…..DAMN , his riding style is even MORE effortless whilst in every combo . It’s like watching Brian Yeagle flow through a set of trials . Just super dialed , smooth . I bet Viki actually WALKING isn’t as smooth as him riding , doing these new combos , haha…I’m loving this ! Great motivational edit to get up and session AND great for the sport’s progression and evolution . This guy never eases up and with the Ti bike……..forget it …’s like Pete ” Commando ” Sandoval ( ICONIC drummer ! ) kick drum ,trigger pedals to session with in 1992 ! Beyond rad content to hand select for that honorable MUST WATCH tag , Effraim ! The Q and As also RULED , TIMES 7. Great questions and answers . 2022 will be another AMAZING year of progression, for The Raging Bull…….as Rob ” TEX ” Thayer named Viki @ the 2002 Red Bull C.O.B. ………

  2. Viki is the ultimate Freestyler for me…hes the best overall flatlander on the planet at the moment and its not by luck on top of his game from 2000 till now…theres a lot of work behind…Sooo happy that hes successful in riding and in life also…..Congrats campeon,keep creating…

  3. Nice interview and incredible riding in this Rise 4 edit, as usual… love the mix of all these techniques!

  4. When I watch Viki ride, it feels like I’m getting better at riding as I get more stoked on his riding. Then… reality sets in again when I get on my bike. Viki just has that effortless flow while banging out tech combos. The man can make insane hard tricks and links look so fun and easy. He’s an artist more than anything at this point. So awesome to see what he’s up to.

      • Brother it just goes so hard and the tracks(in my opinion) are so fitting with the overly ill smooth flow. I’m in awe of the whole thing. Rise 4 is insane like our bro G’s freestyler series. So many possibilities being demonstrated whilst inspiring so many as well. My mind’s not only blow but chunks of brain are on the wall.

  5. Its always a pleasure to see viki ride!
    He is maybe the smoother rider out there!
    If you add the trick variety and the originality he is still at the top of the game!

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