Martin Aparijo at Woodward West

4K Bike é Legal BMX HISTORY EPISODE #01 with Martin Aparijo Bmx LEGEND at Woodward West from Juca.Favela on Vimeo.

Juca Favela recently hooked up with one of the legends of Flatland Freestyle, Martin Aparijo at the annual Old School Reunion at Woodward West. Hit play for a great interview and some riding footage from the main himself!

2 thoughts on “Martin Aparijo at Woodward West

  1. Ow Very nice. Is good to learn a little bit about the Flatland history.
    I have a friend who has 46 years old and is still riding flatland, i heard this one friend speak about Martin Aparijo many times, but i didnt know who was Martin. Now i know who is. Muito bom

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