Martti Kuoppa – King of Ground Tokyo 2005

Back to it, after a busy few days at work. Let’s begin our Sunday updates, with this great footage of Martti Kuoopa killing it at the 2005 King of Ground contest in Tokyo, Japan, if my memory serves me right Marrti and Viki Gomez dressed up as Japanese Anime Characters for the contest, awesome!

4 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa – King of Ground Tokyo 2005

  1. I may sound like an annoying, broken record on this site……….but I just …….HAVE to say this……….SLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMED , indeed , Kuoppa , with THAT inside circle -cross left tea kettle , boomeranging , X-upping his arms………he was gonna go to , I think a Mc circle turbine ,to his famous Errol destroyer hitchhiker juggler move …..BUT …..his back end dropped , so his mind / body IMMEDIATLY went into SAVE THE DAMN COMBO mode …..Soooooooo, THAT save ,where he turns his bar , THEN just STOMPS down, to a Lard yard , @ 2.03 minutes , is TOO skilled , something that hes been known to do , in the heat of the moment , during contest runs . I remember his famed ,Ride BMX U.K. edition , magazine interview ,done by YOU , Effraim Catlow , Martti chatting about saving combos , when they go wrong , in a different direction , and have to be IMPROVISED , on the fly , just TOTALLY freestyling with it ! Ive always liked that about his contest runs ! Add the fact that hes face painted like DARTH MAUL , from STAR WARS , I think ? That just ADDS to the personality / having FUN aspect ,during this K.O.G. run ! Hell , bruv ……..freestyling SAVED my own whack ass , during prelims @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam in New Orleans ! Hahaha…….I was mid-line , had to do a Fiola stance pose , to RE-grab my composure , NOT panic ,and save one of my own links during my contest run , hahaha……..THANK YOU , EDDIE FIOLA , for creating THAT move …….it saved my ass , during my run , haha. Damn ……THIS dude , his You Tube channel is dropping ALL the most AWESOME K.O.G. contest footage from 2004-2012 , on the DAILY . STOKED about THAT ! This run by Martti is a true gem ,in the HISTORY of the Japanese K.O.G. contest series ! I appreciate this share / post ! CLASSIC / TIMELESS / RAD !!

  2. The Master at his best as he’s 1 of them. A great manipulator of bikes, great visionary along with Vikki openened our eyes to so much, that only us riders can appreciate. If Kevin Jones watches you, you know he’s got something.Thx Martti & E.

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