Moreno Valley, CA BS Contest 1994

I’m on a bit of mid school kick at the moment, and really enjoyed watching this Moreno Valley, CA BS Contest 1994 contest footage by mini ramp lord, Kurt Schmidt. Great riding from the likes of Trevor Meyer, Jesse Puente, Sean McKinney, Day Smith, Edgar Plascencia, and Chris Young. If you like watching contest runs, you’ll enjoy this one!

15 thoughts on “Moreno Valley, CA BS Contest 1994

  1. Play & Jinx clothing, Primo, both brakes, it was a fun era & it was & a stepping stone to what was to come. Day Smith getting the recognition he deserved.

  2. This is why l love these old footage’s, because the younger guys maybe aren’t aware or care about it. Dave Mirra once said, he was sad, that the younger guys missed out on a really fun era or words to that effect Great riding & great sessions.. 1 day, the younger guys will have an old school to. Rip Dave & thanks E.

  3. Wonder if ANYONE caught TWO super SLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMED things ,about THIS edit………one , Trevor riding with BOTH brakes , BUT ……. casually , f-kn bar flipping those switch side yards to switch elephant glides BRAKELESS ,TWICE ! One @ 13.40 MINUTES and the other @ 13.52 MINUTES , during a super dope combo ! Riders back then busted BRAKELESS switches , bar flips , transitions , etc ,etc….ALL THE TIME . They would just death grip their bar ! Nate Hanson , Chad Degroot , Paul Palmer , Matt Gipson , of course Chase , Jones , Effraim , Andrew Arroyo , etc , etc ……ALL these cats were doing this , ya just had to have that TRAINED eye ,to CATCH it !! This footage is SO good , caught it a couple months ago , combing Krt Schimdt and Danny Sirkins You Tube channels , bruuuuuuuv , they’ve got some REEEEAL gems on their channels , E.C.D. , their channel , also , some RAD Danny Meng comp runs ! ALSO………S T O K E D -T I M E S 7 …….that THE …….EUEGENE COLLINS , AKA …….CREATOR of the TIME WARP , CIRCA EARLY 1996 , REALLY STOKED that he commented AND obviously FREQUENTS ….THIS site !!! Im gonna MESSAGE ya , campeon , THIS week ! Hope youre STILL ripping YOUR stylz , on your bike ! One of our last conversations over the phone , you mailed me a bible and said how you had juuuuuuust removed your front brake , and were getting into a lot of pumping , momentum , type stuff , within your links ! Damn , Euegene , I d LOVE to see just WHAT you’ve been up to on your BIKE , these days ! For the last 3 TIMES , Ive been to New Orleans for the Flatland Voodoo Jam bmx event……….Ive ALWAYS hoped Id see you , ride bikes with you there , campeon ! I always see , chat with Carey Matthews , though ! Itd be SO dope to see ya in da N.O. , the NEXT time I cruise down there , Mr.Collins ! THIS footage is SUPER RAD , huh , Euegene ?! Talk to ya soon , hermano !! SOUTH RIDERS , represent !!

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