Matti Hemmings – Furthest BMX Limbless Manual

Limbless flatland moves are so hard no matter the move, there have been a few I recall over the years Chad Degroot, Simon Marsan, Lee Musselwhite more recently and now Matti Hemmings. Matti recently rolled 18 Meters on a limbless manual, which is a unofficial world record. Skills!!

7 thoughts on “Matti Hemmings – Furthest BMX Limbless Manual

  1. Personally , I’m stoked on BOTH of you , love yalls riding , hell , I just left a rant on my F.B. freaking out cause Lee actually busted his spider glide……….in a COMP run ! Amazing to me , figuring that its one of those moves that seems like its a strictly M.O.C. move , like 1 out of 78 TRIES , type of trick . Matti , this LIMBLESS manual is ALSO f-kn amazing to me…….to be able to just hold this position…..THAT far ??! Rad , indeed ! Hell I remember it taking me ages …..just to learn a double foot , one handed rocket , HAHAHAHHA !! Respect on your record of this , Matti !! BOTH you guys are representing the U.K. flatland scene , proper like …….please keep doing so , lads !!!!!

  2. There is this guy in San Antonio that can roll a limbless trick backwards further than that. Forward? Twice as long. He didn’t invent the trick that Simon did but seriously…not that far. Just saying….Bobby Burge is really good at that trick.

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