One thought on “Michael Steingraeber: King of Ground 2005 / Asakusa

  1. So dope , him going in on that long link , till he dropped ! Effraim is correct ! This line is MENTAL 15 YEARS on !! Such a great combo , starting with the cross tea kettle , step to X-leg back packer , on to jugglers ! Also his signature transition @ 45 seconds , that side packer step back / through , right foot jam catch , as the frame whips around to another side yard ! I love THAT switch of his TODAY … much as when I first saw him SLLLLAAAMMM it down ! His side yard stubble duck are great as well . he’s done so many multiple things coming outta that stubble duck that when he’s flowing through it…….ya never know what’s coming next in his combos . Watching THIS got me REALLY stoked , my last session ! Thank you SATASUCH , for all the video that you post from all these K.O.G.s and YOU , Big-E …..for posting them , too ! K.O.G. footage is ALWAYS dope , ALWAYS , any class , any rider !!

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