Must Watch: The Jeep Real Games Finals

I literally just posted the results from the Jeep Real Games not even an hour ago, and the final presentation of all the finalists is online already! Yohei Uchino discusses the level of riding (unfortunately not translated), but you can work out the riding!
The riding starts at the 16 minute mark with Akira Okamura, Kio Hayakawa, Ryo and Yu Katagiri, Takahiro Enoki, Hiroya Morizaki (look out for his mind blowing new whopper move to steam!), and Naoto Tamaru!

The presentation like a TV game show style, is really awesome and a fitting way to showcase some of the best contest riding I have even seen. Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki once again and all the finalists, absolutely mind blowing level!!!

10 thoughts on “Must Watch: The Jeep Real Games Finals

  1. This is some of the MOST progressive , technical , and down right INSANE riding ,going down in 2020 ! Just looking at pieces in these riders lines will make you play , pause , rewind , play ,pause , haha …….this reminds me of early 1999 when LOADS of Japanese riders just brought new , original , and mental combos to the forefront of the C.F.B.s , X-Trials , York Jams , and countless other contests , jams all around the globe . So good for the sport’s life line and greater good , TIMES 7……..the T.V. show presentation made it even MORE sweeter !

    • There is a lot to take in for sure Rodney. I think I will be leaving this up at the top of the site a little longer, we need to digest this one and also celebrate it.

  2. All these riders here have reached an incredible level, completely mind blowing and next level!!.
    Naoto’s bikeflip at 23:25 is as clean as hard, looks unreal… this and so many other tricks/switches…
    Congrats to Hiroya, well deserved! And to all those killers!

    • Defo Renaud!

      Contest of the year, and I think it also sets the bar in terms of how its presented. I don’t know the details but its seems to have a heavy financial backing behind the event.

  3. Sure!
    I guess that such a tv show ain’t about to happen nowadays in our traditional Europe… this would mean reducing the football or other mainstream sports budget and its not going to happen tomorrow I suppose..?.. Even if we never know..
    I didn’t watch the full show but it looks like the presentation is pretty decent, I mean, they show the sports as they are and not trying to make up something attractive to charm the audience…
    that’s according to me the best way to show what our sport really is…
    looks like they’re next level on this also!..

  4. This totally insane. Like it would be from five years in the future or something like that. All riders have such a high level, unbelievable…
    Can someone explain the format of this contest? In which time was it filmed? I am really fascinated by many riders, especially Kio Kayakawa, doing completely different tricks in the final compared to the qualifying. Do they learn new tricks every day? Wow.

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