Michael Steingraeber – Power Hour

MICHAEL STEINGRÄBER POWER HOUR from Robert Zuchold on Vimeo.

Robert Zuchold met up with Mike S in 2015, at the infamous Hyatt riding spot in Cologne, Germany. Michael as we all know is one of the best riders in the game, make sure you hit play on this one. Thanks Robert for putting this together.

5 thoughts on “Michael Steingraeber – Power Hour

  1. Its a good day when Steingrabber footage drops !! As BIG E said , one of the best to do it !! I recently found some Palavas France F.I.S.E.comp footage of him shredding from 1998 that made me shout at my P.C. screen in amazement !! That inside cross left fire haul roll , DOUBLE foot pinks , drop to turbine staple gun roll DIRECT pivot to switch hand steam , half hiker pivot , k out , CAN-CAN pedal five , around the world dump truck , step thru to pedal time machine , etc RULED also !

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