Mickey Gaidos: 40

Every now and then, there’s an edit that slips through the FM firewall, case in point right here with Mickey Gaidos “40” edit.
Mickey documents his return to riding, and particularly the last three years, when you combine Mickey’s editing and riding skills your onto a good thing. Enjoy this one everyone, if you missed it the first time round like me!

9 thoughts on “Mickey Gaidos: 40

  1. Always pushing the technical difficulty in his lines . Full bar twitch outta that crack packer to steam @ 1.30 minutes, after his rolling front yard whip…. and that crazy , contorted cross hang five carving to a body varial ,turbine to crack packer @ 5 .38 minutes . His signature tea kettle , leap out to spinning switch hiker is always welcome , too …. This edit really shows Mickey’s life , his drive to continue to stay on top of progressive flatland , his life long friendship with Terry and again …..these new twists in his lines and progression in his riding are so dope !

    • Appreciate you Rodney!
      Thank you for the support all these years!
      Your support and kind words has always been a driving force in my riding

    • You literally altered the course of my life in such a positive way, This journey has been such an a positive influence to my kids, I’ll forever be grateful to you for pushing me to get back into riding!

  2. Appreciate the love everyone!

    I made the mistake of thinking I needed to stop riding (or at least “slack” off) because of kids, career, etc
    I’m thankful I found my way back to flatland because riding has magnified all aspects of life in such a positive way. I now hope to inspire others (including my own kids) to not make the mistake I did and that you should and can continue to follow your passion if you desire to no matter what life throws at you.

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