Phil Dolan: Flatland Life begins at 40

Bit of a UK flatland scene on the site this week, with Round 1 of the UK Bmx Flatland league taking place in Leicester this weekend. I randomly came across this amazing edit from one of the best to ever do it, Phil Dolan’s “Flatland Life begins at 40” still hits to this day, some amazing figure of eight skills on show right here at the Camden riding spot! Well worth a rewatch or this might be your first time watching!

4 thoughts on “Phil Dolan: Flatland Life begins at 40

  1. One of the O.G.s , top cats to ever do it . Thank you , Big-E ! Every so often we all NEED a reminder of riders like Phil whose riding was so progressive , original and down right hard that their legacies are very much set in stone . From all his technical footwork , switches , and bar flips to all the sickest rolling positions , variations……LINKED . Also, my all time favorite …..his around the world lines ! Still remember being blown away seeing him do those at the 1996 Spring Break , E.S.P.N. X-trials during finals . I was more than happy to let him borrow my channel lock pliers ……then watching him knocking out his signature pedal- side -K , spastic , fire whip combo…. FIRST TRY that he did in Release The Grease ( Ells video. ) just because I asked him to it, ha…..Dolan rules.

  2. Only a Legend to pull combos like those , is inspiring to watch him. That last combo make me think i Still have much To Learn

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