Mickey Gaidos: 4th Texas Flatland Roundup XI

Mickey Gaidos is a long time shredder from NOLA; after a brief hiatus he’s returned at 110% firepower and it’s incredible to see firsthand! These are highlights from Mickey’s runs in the Pro Flatland BMX Finals at Texas Flatland Roundup XI 2021. Mickey finished in 4th place in the Pro Flatland class. Thanks to Jim McKay for the incredible coverage from this event.

One thought on “Mickey Gaidos: 4th Texas Flatland Roundup XI

  1. Let me get this straight……..Mickey takes a OVER 10 YEAR hiatus , building , running his successful business , taking care of his family…………jumps BACK into the game ……..progressing , creates tricks / combos even FASTER / BETTER than in his 20s . jumps BACK into contests , edits with all NEW stuff …..and is as DIALED as ever ??!! Mickey Gaidos is SLLLAMMMING DOWN his blend of technical , flowing riding FULL STOP ……I’m just taking it all in , stoked and tripping…….just like I was @ this contest ! It was as much of a RUSH for me WATCHING Mickey and the other riders as it was for me RIDING myself ,during my two runs , haha ! YEEEEAHHH , Mickey , GET EM , son !!

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