2 thoughts on “Minato Sato: Signature Steam Variation

  1. Hell YEESSSS ! This dude rips hard on a bike with rad style / combos . Definitely gonna be one of the future elite riders ! ( he pretty much IS one now ! ) I still remember warming up , riding outside of the venue before Bobby Burge and our prelim group started …….hearing Minato’s name announced , almost running into people , trying to get a standing room only view, as he SHREDDED his prelim run , hammering out every line on his bike with a brakeless TRIPLE decade to end his run !! The whole venue ( EVERYONE inside got SO loud ….it almost rattled my head , haha ! ) One of the most cool moments of the 2019 Flatland Voodoo Jam !! Not to mention him WARMING UP with rope spins to ice creams, REPEATED ( BIKE FLIPS ! ) during the Pre-Jam the day before the contest . Super dope , indeed……even Dominik Nekolny had a look of ” DAMMMMN !! ” on his face, as Minato was riding……and THAT alone really says ALOT in itself !!

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