Sietse van Berkel on Nous BMX

Congratulations to Dutch style cat, Sietse Van Berkel who just landed a spot on the expanding Nous BMX. Sietse is now riding the Date 19.5 frame, looking forward to seeing some fresh Sietse footage soon on board his new ride…

6 thoughts on “Sietse van Berkel on Nous BMX

  1. Isn’t Paul Osicka still on their roster , E ?? I HOPE SO …….and am EAGERLY anticipating a split lil edit of him , Sietse , plus the rest of their team !! Isn’t Shinichi ” Russia ” Kiba on their team as well ??!! I wanna see a team edit…….PRONTO , haha……..

    • Hahahaha , thanks R ! I totally forgot about that fact , haha . I feel all ” duuuhhh ! ” now ! Hahaha ! Speaking of Shinichi ” Russia ” Kiba …..his switches are I LL as hell , TIMES 7 ! My favorite being his QUICK single kick , squeaker 360 bar twitch , going around the bars , all X-armed , stepping over landing to a QUICK cross Cobain roll , IMMEDIATELY to ANOTHER flap jack , repeating that entire process , THEN landing to a single kick side yard / packer …..reaches over with his right hand ( he’s bars big at this point ) He then jumps up , 180 body varials , landing to a single kick turbine steam !! He just SLLLLLAAAMMMS this signature transition like he’s doing an endo over and over within his combos on some of his edits on You Tube ! Even busting down the links in a VERY dimly lit session spot …….I’ve BEEN a huge fan of ” Russia ” since watching him @ the 2009 Cologne Masters , riding a purple frame ( St. Martin ??) I can talk about his riding ALL DAY , r !! What is YOUR favorite line he does , r ??!! Do you dig his 2006 or 2016 style of riding more ??! Those years as EVERY year of Shinichi’s riding were FULL STOP and VERY aggro !! Cheers , r !!

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