FLAT SYSTEM 005: UCI Worlds, IGI RiRi, Far East Ti Parts

Jean William Prevost aka Dub is back with the fifth episode of the Flat System podcast, where he discusses issues travelling from Canada for the UCI Worlds, the new IGI RiRi stem, & Far East Ti parts. Good stuff Dub, this is so needed in the scene.

9 thoughts on “FLAT SYSTEM 005: UCI Worlds, IGI RiRi, Far East Ti Parts

  1. European riders encounter just as many issues as non eu riders.
    As the pandemic has been handled terribly by the EU.
    As far as i know, France is still under law enforced lockdown in an effort to reduce the spread of the latest wave. While at the same time, having previously had one of the highest levels of vaccine hesitancy in western Europe. If a 3rd party organiser does chose to go ahead with holding such a contest in such a place and time. Then one must ask the competency of said host to go ahead with such.

    • Very well said. I think that more flat comps should be structured like the afa dream run comp and the Australian down underground comp, especially for this particular time period. Fair and open to more riders. Acquiring a device or two to film a run is more affordable and practical than this gong show required to travel and attend. Not a real representation of what we do but rather a display of those that do it with fat stacks of money on their side. Like Dub said, most of us are out here riding. Not grinding for funds. The UCI is for spandex wearing carbon fiber pushers heavily soaked in cash, and that’s my opinion. They’re not a bmx organization. It’s not their primary focus.

    • Ahaha dude. You probably cant believe how many riders are grinding to get some funds to make it possible to compete there and need to work fulltime besides riding.
      Fise is actually the only „Company“ that builds a good looking event also for non bmx riders. If we, the bmx flat „family“ don’t work togheter we will probably kill the whole scene pretty soon. I am actually not sure if you: „BZ“ ever made it to one of those competitions. So stop hating please. Enjoy it or just stay at home. I mean… come on. Even if you get a good ranking you will make no money at all. The only reason why I am still going there is because of the people I met there and to show the world what we love and keeping the „scene“ alive. And btw… I am still not sure if I can make it to france between that pandemic. So you don’t need to live in canada to make it a nightmare to travel at the moment. Cheers!

  2. I am also hosting a major contest at The TerraHome with a $10,000 prize pack.

    However, due to the virus situation in Montreal, I will be requiring a 40-day quarantine.
    But I have pre-registered Dub for convenience.

  3. This is a bummer ……I was really hoping to see Dub get in his ATTACK zone , riding in this event killing the back wheel ( He KILLS the front as well ! ) like only he can. That last ” No man’s land ” edit he dropped was INTENSE and will dominate the web for years and years to come ! However …..STOKED on his new products , the Benjamin Hudson combo on their F.B. page ,that I recently found ( whiplash , pedal five , fire haul sweetness within Ben’s combo ! ) and the fact that Dub is still riding , pushing his progression on his bike / bike company ……I.G.I. and Sequence are doing some amazing things within the sport . RESPECT !!

  4. First off, any comment directed towards the UCI is towards that entity. Fise is an excellent display of what we do for the public to consume and take in. Fise created that showcase, obviously not the UCI whom later came into the picture. In the country where I live, in the area I was born, and the surrounding political and economic circumstances, I and many work 8 to 12 or more hours a day to barely make a living wage for ourselves and our families. Throw in the time needed to ride and progress along with all other responsibilities and obligations life has, I and many dont have the time in a day to further “grind” for the funds to have the luxury and privileged to travel to ride our bikes and support the global flatland scene. After all we just want to ride our bikes, have fun and enjoy life. I’m also well aware we’ve all made our own decisions in life that place us on our own individual paths. Dustyn, If I ever get the opportunity to fly over, ride/attend a fise event, and meet you in person. Im sure we would have a blast and crush some brews afterwards as well. No hate or disrespect, just opinion and observations. Good luck navigating this shit show that’s been put on all of us across the world. Hope you get a chance to drop your science for us all to witness. I know you got a mean bag of tricks. Ride on and stay awesome.

    • I also don’t want to disrespect you or anybody else. At the end it’s just a discussion. I actually don’t really care what’s going to happen or what they do, seriously. That would be a waste of time for me. This year for example. I am still riding more street and doing other things around flatland that I am not even ready for the comp I think. But I still don’t care. Ahaha
      One thing to the UCI. For example… I needed to go to a federation in my hometown to get a license like probably everybody else. I was surprised what happened than. First of all… I don’t need to pay anything. Second: now I have a indoor „Skatepark“ where I can ride everyday for free. The federation is using my „name“ to get sponsors who paying for local skateparks. So nothing bad was going to happen to me. Sure. They probably make extra money with me. But who cares. These kind of shit happens everywhere. Btw… I definetly stop riding at a UCI event when we need to ride spantex pants!!!

      So it’s all good!
      I am pretty sure we would have some fun over there as well. So come over and let’s make it a „shit show“ ahaha
      Can’t wait to see some of you pretty soon and have some fun! Cheers

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