5 thoughts on “Keelan Phillips: My Home Riding Spot & First Combo on it!

  1. Congrats on the new homespot Keelan, looks great!
    More and more riders are making there own homespot, thats in-riches life with 100%.
    I also have a backyard spot so life is good ,especially in these current crazy times.
    Enjoy the home progression!!!
    peace Barre

  2. Congratulations Keelan! Nice lookin concrete pad you got there. Smooth, sick, hard link made LOOK easy as usual. All my outdoor spots get glass on them at random times here, so I’ve learned to travel with a broom. No broken glass to sweep up definitely makes for a much more solid way to start a sesh.

  3. Stoked you got your new sesh spot…….loving the first combo ! Nose manuals , fire pink to hang five -kick forward , spinning half hikers , etc…..all mixed together in your signature style…still watching your section in ” Impaqued ” Volume 3 . Crazy how much your riding has progressed / changed since that first contest you won in Athens ,back in Fall of 2005 ……again , rad first combo !

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