MK Moments Solo DVD!

For all of you that missed this! Check out this 18 min Solo dvd from Martti Kuoppa, 2004 style! The ender still gets me to this day! Amazing!

10 thoughts on “MK Moments Solo DVD!

    • No doubt! I love the last section! the ender without the scuff into the xft hitch body varial out opposite xft hitch is obscene 7 years on! Actually lot of stuff has that timeless quality to it, the double 360 cliff flip also springs to mind! Definitely one for the flatland collector…

  1. Phil used to tell me about the stuff Martti could do when i would bump into him now & then after I quit, seeing all these edits of him has brought it to life, incredible. Kevin jones has an equal !

  2. That last link… incredible. Every time I attempt a normal x-footed half hiker to halfpacker my feet just get tangled up in the spokes or hit the forks and push me off the peg. I can’t even think about how technical and precise it’d be to get his foot in the right spot without any real setup time coming right out of the hitch into xfooted and manage that whole switch.

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