Must Watch: Alexis Desolneux / Slow Dive


It’s been a slow start to 2021 in terms of standout edits, and how Flatland needs this right now. You can count on Alexis Desolneux and the Heresy crew to come correct, and this comes as a friendly reminder as to how good Alexis really is.
Timeless flatland in slow-mo, that will still be incredible in years to come. This edit stands out as a whole piece, but if I had to pick; it’s the opposite xft whiplash pivot backwards facing whiplash at 1:51!

For me, flatland at video level really is a true art, where you get to showcase your vision and your message. This is the type of art I would show someone who asks, what is flatland?

Alexis and Heresy will save us!

7 thoughts on “Must Watch: Alexis Desolneux / Slow Dive

  1. So many hard stuffs here, love the way he twists his body around his bike.. crazy pivots, huge bike control !
    Contrats, nice edit!

  2. Always been a fan of Alexis’ riding since his stuff showed up in the Intrikat videos. Flatsphere always stood out as an all time heavy hitter for me. Here we are decades later and the mans still throwing sledge hammer down all over the place. I’d like to see this in real time as well now after watching it in slow mo multiple times. Classic dope riding. Big ups to Alexis for keeping shit real.

  3. Honestly……….as technical , perplexing , and down right HARD these lines are of Alexis’s ………the slow motion WASN’T slow enough for me to really follow / grasp just what was going on within these lines , haha ! I must of STILL had to watch this at least 6 times , analyzing EACH line ! As E stated……..THIS is Flatland @ some REALLY core type sh-t , no joke . Stoked seeing just what Alexis has been up to on his bike . Master piece of an edit ! Of course his riding , music choice , vibe , feel , everything is as it should be in this edit . Anything these cats put out is ALWAYS way above a high standard . Heresy bike company has a rad roster of riders always bringing something refreshing , progressive and again ……straight up CORE to today’s Flatland scene ……..hell bruv , ALL of BMX for that matter . Even posted this gem of an edit !!

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