14 thoughts on “Must Watch! Ederson – Master Bikes

  1. great video!!! amazing stuffs!!!
    please Ederson Nene, just say to “Mr” Lisias Tabarelli to translate what he wants to say in english, all the non english speakers like you and me do that, that’s weird and a little frustrating that he keeps writing in portuguese in a place where people write in english..

  2. Awesome stuff. I kind of feel like the slammed seat has replaced the framestander part of 80s and 90s flatbikes.

    R, I disagree with you. I can´t speak portugese but i understand it written and I just read it like the other messages, I always enjoy ¨Mr¨s comments and feel they would lose something in translation. if someone wants to express themselves the best way they can but i have to either know something about the others language or use a translator, i don´t see anything wrong with that.. That´s whats cool about communicating on the internet, whereas in person it is a little more difficult..

    Sorry, really didn´t want to take away from the awesome edit.

  3. great edit, as for him riding like Ucchie ,whats wrong with that? this edit in NO WAY hurts flat, keep riding the way you want- enjoy

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