Must watch! Function Victim (re-edited) – Chase Gouin

Function Victim (re-edited) – Chase Gouin from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

Function Victim is an absolute classic Video! OG Marton has re-edited it! Shot in the Spring and summer of 2000 in Portimao, Portugal and Budapest, Hungary. Argueably Chase Gouin in one of his most progressive time periods. There are so many hammers in this video it is hard to know where to begin, but I would say that the double rolaid at 09:47 is without a doubt one of the hardest tricks captured on film in the history of flatland. This is an absolute must watch video!!!

27 thoughts on “Must watch! Function Victim (re-edited) – Chase Gouin

  1. This might be my favourite video ever. Every single trick is meaningful, absolutely no filler. I could go on and on about specific combos. I have watched this countless times and it still amazes me. This is bike control.

  2. This is a whole different level. Next level stuff, that only someone like Chase could ever do. Some of those tricks/combos will probably never done again. WOW.

  3. man you said it, some combos will never be done again, that’s why this guy stands above all. CHASE, wherever you are mate, man you are f…. amazing !!!! a true legend

  4. There is a good chance this edit (trick wise) will never be out done. SERIOUS degree of difficulty and originality throughout.

  5. It makes my heart happy that you E mentioned the double rollaid and that there are still guys out there who appreciate his riding. His decade stuff is still untouched and its 13 years later!

  6. Oh man. I still remember when OG Marton sent me a copy of this and said I might like it… blew my mind all those years ago and blew my mind right now. MASSIVE respect to Chase. Everyone has said it already, but his riding has been and will always be, something else and on another level. The fact that most of his stuff from all those years ago has not been touched since (and probably won’t be!) tells you just how hard and original it is!


  7. I dont understand how its possible to do those brakeless deacdes! Outta this world bike control! This video got me stoked!

  8. Just as awesome today as it was back then. @Steve: rolaids are more dangerous brakeless but at the same time, easier. So easy to accidentally pull the brakes when you dont mean to since its kind of a power trick, its not like whiplashes where theirs no pause in the middle, its a rolaid to framestand wheelie to another rolaid.

  9. @Ljo,

    Ross was really just doing a rolaid to a decade for awhile, later he started rolling the 2nd one from what I’ve heard but never on film. I would consider what Chase does at 9:47 to be a rolling perverted to a brakeless decade, it looked stationary to me but i could be wrong.

  10. Both are awesome, Ross and Chase are two of my all time favourite riders. But the double rolaid brakeless stands on its own, I am pretty sure Ross would say that too.

  11. I think I’m just as impressed with some of the other double brakeless decade combos. No one else jumps around and lands back in peg wheelies STILL! Let alone combos them up and does variations.

    “Cost that ya Slores!” 🙂

    Anyone know what that means?

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