Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #2 Spring

PURO FLAT #2 : SPRING from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Dub dropped the latest in his Puro Flat series this weekend, so I decided to hold fire for a change and digest this one properly before publishing on FM! Everyone already knows Jean William Prevost is one of the best riders in the world, what I like about what he is doing with the Pro Flat series is he’s giving something special to the artform side of flatland rather than keeping it private until it’s ready for a contest.

Dub rides with a unique energy and flow that is unrivalled across the board in competitive flatland, we touched on this in his podcast recently. Keeping his energy going with the speed he rides at and consistency throughout a 3 minute run requires a certain state of mind and fitness, and here in this video project he experiments with dead time between tricks that elevates that concept to another level.

Part of the year so far? Let’s discuss this one. In terms of contest riders, Dub is at the top of the tree in terms of progression, hard to argue against it after these first two Puro Flat edits, mind blown. Thank you Dub, I am sure we will come back to this in years to come!

Puro Flat #2 is everything I thought it would be and much more, filmed in Shenzhen, Beijing and Montreal, as with all Must Watch edits I like to talk about the highlights:

00:17: The g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker out is beautiful in technique where he has condensed the dead time.

00:25: Spinning undertaker flip grabbing tyre spinning cream pivot out is sexy flatland at it’s finest. I am on 5th watch now, and still have the same reaction as the first time I watched it. YES!

00:32: Dub further pushes the concept that I highlighted at 00:17 and adds the spinning undertaker at the beginning of the line and ends with g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker with no deadtime at all. Wow!

1:07: Carved Opposite Dump truck ride in pivot to pedal inside switch b pedal pivot to double turbine spinning forward death truck straightens out forward pedal death to casual walkover decade out. This line has been years in the making, so much depth to this.

2:59: Dub explores different concepts around the Rodeo, each line till the end is absolutely ridiculous, but the dead time taken out on the final line and the seamless switches is something else entirely.

Level up!

19 thoughts on “Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #2 Spring

  1. G-turn @ 3:52 was totally unreal~!!!!! This is lext level stuff. Surreal riding as always Dub, great edit, music and scenery! Jaw is on the floor….

    • Thanks Lachlan, we’ve known eachother for a very long time! Since the Kirklan Jam days! It means a lot to me that my riding can still speak to you!

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen a better back wheel rider!. JP’s surely giving his coaster a workout! I don’t know how you can’t be inspired watching him. Thanks JP and Effraim.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like BIG -E………….gonna need some time to digest THIS crazy sh-t………..when he CONTINUED to combo…………AFTER that held forklift…………….I lost it ! Thank you Dub……….you are definitely , as Effraim stated…….. pushing the art forward , campeon !

  4. Dub is light years ahead at the moment. 95% of the top pro riders are doing quite a lot of filler – and Dub is going much faster, packing way more tricks in and doing only the hard stuff. It isn’t conceivable that he could pull these tricks and not win a battle.

  5. This edit is just mind melting ! Ive had to watch it in doses ! His speed….. while just banging out his signature transitions , switches…. is TOO much . Dub is seriously a G.O.A.T. , in the history of flatland ………hell , ALL of bmx …for that matter ! Agreed with Paul………..light years ahead of the game -TIMES 7 ! Thanks Dub for this blessing of your Puro Flat series !

  6. I recorded this edit on my flip phone …………Im STILL watching it , pretty much on the daily ……..and Im REALLY visually struggling trying to analyze every combo ! Damn this f-kn RULES -TIMES 7 . I never imagined that one day in flatland….. a rider would be doing kickless , turbined , switch -bs to TIME MACHINES …….that just one small of the MANY details that my eyes have BARELY caught last week , from Dubs combos in this edit , SO mental …..ALL of his combos …..AND these lines being ORIGINAL …..that just sets Dubs riding that much more apart ! Agreed , Paul ………LIGHT YEARS indeed ……Hell …..he just might win a SECOND …..N.O.R.A. CUP !!

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